Experienced & Committed Executive Team

When a transformational experience in one's life is revealed for the very first time, it can find a special place in a listener's heart. And, when the exact same experience is shared many times, it becomes less like a story and more like the rhythm of the heart of a movement.

Xooma's rock-solid foundation of over 20 successful years in operation didn't happen by accident. It comes from dedicated and committed members of Xooma's Executive Team who are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams. How dedicated? Most members of the Executive Team have more than 10 years of service to Xooma and its Members. From your health goals to your financial and lifestyle goals, Xooma's Executive Team is intently focused on helping you get there. We never lose sight of the fact that our success is a direct result of YOUR success which is why we are so committed to serving you and your needs.