Whether you are considering a partnership with Xooma as one of our highly-valued customers - or considering building a business organization with our life-changing products – you can have "peace of mind" knowing that our company operates with Environmentally Conscious Business Practices at the forefront of our decision-making process.

For example, the mineral-rich deposits that make up Xooma's premier product, X2O, are from a pristine ocean source found near the Okinawan Islands. Harvested in its natural form, Xooma uses a patented processing method to ensure the highest level of purity and safety. In fact, our harvesting methods actually support a more vibrant marine environment in that particular area of the ocean. For all the inhabitants of ecosystems like this one – on land and under water – Xooma continues to honor these sustainable environments that provide food, jobs and income to millions of people worldwide.

In addition, Xooma makes every effort to utilize packaging that is environmentally friendly. From product bottles and boxes that are easy to recycle to packaging options that minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, we are working to do our part to protect the environment for our future generations.

A wonderful illustration of this is found in the hundreds of thousands of "green" Xooma water bottles that we have shipped to people around the world. These durable, reusable and recyclable bottles take the place of potentially hundreds or even thousands of disposable plastic water bottles for each person who uses it. This effort alone by Xooma Members saves a significant amount of landfill space (and plastic pollution) each and every year.