Xooma Premier Products

We Believe that a great product should positively change the lives of the people who trust it. With more than 30 cutting-edge products, below are a few of Xooma's premier products.

How are all of Xooma's products different? Xooma's exclusive and patented formulas are based in cutting-edge nutritional science and use premium quality ingredients. Unlike many supplements in the marketplace, Xooma's wellness products provide key ingredients in clinically-meaningful dosages.

The Excellence in Xooma's products extends to its high standards through industry certifications earned and best practices in U.S.-based manufacturing processes. But it doesn't stop there. Xooma's flagship product, X2O, is a trace mineral complex that comes from a unique aquatic environment near the Okinawan Islands, where we maintain a strong commitment to environmental stewardship during harvesting for future generations to come. Find out more about our Design with Integrity and our commitment to Sustainability.


X2O is an exclusive and unique nature-made mineral complex delivered in an easy-to-use sachet. It is found only one place on the earth, from a pristine ocean source near the Okinawan Islands. With countless testimonies from around the world, people are sharing transformations in their personal health that they directly attribute to X2O.


FocusUP is setting the new standard for energy products. It is uniquely formulated with internationally-researched energetic nutrients and botanical ingredients that are designed to improve focus, memory, mood, concentration and mental performance. Available in both capsules and a great tasting drink.

Insta Protex

STOP using toxic chemicals to clean and sanitize your home, business, or workplace. Insta Protex is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, ant-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral cleaner & sanitizer. Apply it once and it will continue to protect hard and soft surfaces for up to 14 days! So safe you can also use it daily as a hand sanitizer. Independent lab tested and amazingly affordable.


KardiaXyme is a unique blend of hand-selected varieties of algae and an exclusive source of marine minerals. Harvested and combined as a superior, one-of-a-kind algae supplement, this proven formula contains potent and highly bioactive polyphenols that optimize cellular, cardiovascular and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness.


Probiotix is a multiple strain probiotic formula. With 30 billion CFUs, Probiotix supports ideal levels of good gut bacteria for a healthy digestive system and strong immune system. This formula also contains a premier prebiotic fiber complex to increase the amount of 'friendly flora' within your digestive tract.


Unlike the typical fad diet programs that come and go each year, the MetaboWize System has consistently produced outstanding results for people around the world for over ten years. It simply outperforms other weight loss programs because of its advanced, natural science-based system that works with the body.


This simple yet powerful liquid solution utilizes Pure Silver Hydrosol™ technology which has been scientifically proven to deliver noticeable results. SilverMAX is ideal whether using it on a regular basis to boost your immune system, or on an as-needed basis. It's pure, safe and best of all, it works!

Natural Cellection

Natural Cellection is a uniquely formulated wellness compound that contains vitamin, herbal and mineral ingredients to support energetic cellular rejuvenation. This breakthrough supplement is designed to boost immune response and support the healing process of damaged cells.*


Now you can transform your water with a "blast" of flavor while you provide powerful antioxidant protection for your entire body. Available in four delicious flavors, Xooma BLAST comes in small portable drink sticks that are easy to carry, fit perfectly in a pocket or purse and are ready to use when you are.

With years of scientific research, studies and development, we offer amazing products backed by world class research and high manufacturing standards. This commitment to quality and product integrity is why so many people around the world love Xooma's products. It's also why we confidently offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every product we sell.

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