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Xooma Worldwide Contact Information

Contact Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Xooma Worldwide
150 Research Drive
Hampton, VA 23666-1339

Local Phone Number:       757-868-0086

Toll Free Fax Number:      1-800-851-7486

Toll Free Phone Number: 1-888-865-6687

Customer Service Email:

Customer Service Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST (Monday through Friday)

Directions to Xooma Worldwide

Commission Questions

    Commission Checks

When are commission checks paid?

Xooma Worldwide issues team commission checks weekly under the Dual Team Prosperity Plan. Weekly pay cycles include sales volumes from 12:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Sales volume is then calculated and commission checks are posted 12 days following the end of the pay cycle.

Members outside of the U.S. and Canada are paid on the same schedule but checks earned are deposited to a Xooma Worldwide Prepaid Debit MasterCard. The application link for this card is located in the Member's Portal (back office).

Is there a minimum check amount?

There is no minimum check amount.

Will skipping my Auto Ship order for a month prevent me from earning commissions?

#1: As long as you remain active with an order of at least 25 QV per month, the sales volume in your organization will continue to accumulate indefinitely until you are eligible for a pay cycle. Active Members with less than 100QV in monthly volume can carry over 6 rolling months of accumulated volume.

If you have 60 days of inactivity (no orders placed / no personal volume), then your position in the Xooma Worldwide may be forfeited and/or become inactive.

** If you do not make a purchase during the current pay cycle you may lose all accrued volume points.

Are there processing fees on commission checks?

Yes, the amount of the commission check will determine the processing fee. View the scale below:

Any Check from $0.00- $5.00 -no processing charge

Any Check from $6.00-$10.00 -$1.00 processing charge

Any Check from $11.00-20.00 -$2.00 processing charge

Any Check from $21.00 and up -$3.00 processing charge

Compliance, Policy and Procedures / Legal Questions

Back Office / Replicating Website Help

How can I login to my back office ?

If you are logging into your Xooma account, go to Sign On Your log in is your 6-digit PIN (account number) which is also found on your invoices. The password is the one you provided when you enrolled.

How do I set up my replicating website?

Your replicating website is automatically set up after you fill in the desired name on your enrollment form and submit the information to us.

Your website URL would be:

If you would like to change your contact information that appears on your replicating website, simply log into your "back office" by clicking the Member's Log in link on the page.

Find the tab for My Site (the second item on the menu). This shows you the Edit My Website options in the boxes below the menu tab. Click on the first icon marked Profile to access the customization features. When you're done, simply click on the Submit link.

How do I email my downline?

It takes several steps to email your downline. The first step is to setup your email profile. This profile includes information that needs to be included with your email for legal compliance as well as creating access to your email account to send your messages from. After you've filled this form out (you only need to do this one time) you will need to select a list of the people you want to email. You can either use the simple selection tool available in Select Email list or you can create a custom group of people in the advanced genealogy reports and export that list. You may export multiple lists as needed to get your targeted list built. The system will remove duplicate listings.

After you've built your list you'll need to enter the email message you want to send. Once you've created and saved your message you are ready to send your message. Select the send message tool, agree to the terms and conditions and send your email. Your email will begin sending immediately. Depending on your mail server, the size of your mail list, and the rate delays you have set you will see your message in as little as a few seconds or after a few hours. The server will continue trying to send your message for up to six days.

Why do I get a 550 relaying denied error?

Relaying denied errors are caused by your mail server refusing to allow you to send mail via an outside client. In this case the server that is running the downline emailer is trying to connect to your mail server with your account to send messages on your behalf. However various security rules may prevent the email from being sent. This is usually done as part of an anti-spam policy. If you get a relaying denied error you can contact your ISP and attempt to get access or you can select to use another email service or ISP to send your messages through.

Why do some messages take a long time to send?

The mailer will attempt to send your message at the time reported in the send mail results page. However, network connectivity issues or unavailable mail servers may cause a particular email to be delayed. The mail system will try for up to six days to send your message. At that time if the message has not been sent, it will simply be deleted. Once the message has been delivered from the Xooma email tools it will attempt to be delivered by your mail server. Your mail server may further delay the process by up to another four days. At that time, you will be notified if your mail server was unable to send the message.

Why do I get undeliverable messages, how do I stop them?

The email address on file for a particular user may no longer be valid, their mail box may be full or there may be a problem contacting their mail server. If the account is no longer valid you could self-unsubscribe the user. Simply read the message you sent them in the returned mail. You'll see an unsubscribe link for that user. By clicking it you will remove them from all future mailings from you. Please note that once you have unsubscribed a user neither you nor Xooma has any ability to resubscribe them. Only the user can resubscribe themselves. A better solution is to call the user and get them to update their profile with a valid email address.

Where can I set up my replicating website?

Replicating sites are available to Distributors only. If you did not already set up your website at the time of enrollment or want to change the extension name, simply log into your account online at Sign On

Then select the My Site tab from the menu tabs across the top. Click on the Site Name link to enter your website name. To customize the information displayed on your website, click the Profile link in that section to enter your information to be displayed on the site and finish activating your site.

Once you've done this go to to see your new site.

For more information on this topic, use the training manual for replicating site setup.

Why are there two Profile links in my back office?

The My Account Profile allows you to update your contact information with Xooma Worldwide.

The My Site Profile allows you to select various options for your replicating website. This includes whether or not you want your phone number or email address displayed on your site, as well as the specific email address and phone number to display (which can differ from your Account Profile information). You can also select if you want additional content pages to be available or if you'd rather just use the default information provided.

What is Edit Site Content?

Edit Site Content allows you to edit and/or personalize portions of your replicating website. You must have setup a replicating site with the Edit Site URL option first. For more information on this topic, use the training manual for replicating site setup.

How can I better use my personal Xooma website?

Once you have your name you can do more then just link people to: you can also send people to specific pages on the website. If you want to send people to the Product Information page it's just a simple change. The link would look like: http://www.xooma/~yourSiteName/products The big difference is you need to add the tilde (~) in front of your site name. That lets the system know you want to send your user to a specific page after they are tied to your site. You can also link directly to the signup page with:

For more information on this topic, use the training manual for replicating site setup.

What do the colors mean in the Quick Reports and Advanced Genealogy Reports?

We've added color coding to make certain data stand out. Green rows indicate people who have been added in the last 30 days. Red indicates returned inventory.

How do I use the Advanced Genealogy Reporting option?

The first step of the Advanced Genealogy Reporting (AGR) is to decide what columns you need to display. Simply click on the SHOW button. That column will be displayed in your final report.

The next step is to decide what you need to filter on. A filter allows you decide what data you do or do not want to see. For instance, if you want to see all the people in your downline named Bob, you simply select the "=" filter and enter "Bob" in the next field. When you run your report, you'll see the results.

Note that you do not have to show a column to filter it. In our "Bob" example you could have just displayed the user's ID number without showing the name.

There are four filtering options as well as the "No Filter" option. If you select "No Filter" then regardless of what you put text field to the right of the "Filter By" box, no action will be taken.

If you select equals (=) then only items that exactly match your filter will be displayed.

If you select greater than (>) then only items greater than the number or date you selected will be entered. Note that greater than and less than can only be used with numbers and dates. They are not available for text-based comparisons.

The less than (<) allows you to find items less than the number or date you enter.

The last option is not equal (<>). This item is used to find everything BUT the selected information. For instance you could look for people who are NOT in Tennessee.

The final option is the number of records per page to display. The system allows you to display anywhere between 25 and 1000 records per page. If you have a slow computer or internet connection, you may want to use a smaller number. A 1000 record downline may take a minute or two to download depending on your connection quality.

Most reports render out in about 1 second. Your Internet connection and computer and the only limiting factors.

Depending on what you've entered in your filters you may not get any records back. If you need to make changes or simply want to run a different report, just click the "Make Changes" link at the top of the report. If you got back a large report you can click any of the page numbers above to move to the next group of records.

When you are done with your report, just click the return to main menu button.

Why do the "Tree Report" and the "Genealogy Reports" show different numbers of Members in my organization?

The "Tree Report" is a real time report. As soon as a new Member is added to your organization or a Member changes their profile, the Tree Report will reflect that change. The "Quick Reports" (including the "Advanced Genealogy Report") is designed to give you powerful searching and organization tools. These reports are updated periodically throughout the day and may vary slightly from the Tree Report on the same day.

Why does Xooma Worldwide need to know my personal ISP smtp

The SMTP and login credentials is needed only if you wish to utilize the Xooma back office downline email tools. We do not provide free email accounts or auto-responder software for Xooma distributors. The back office downline email tools are free. However, in order to keep them free (only for those who wish to use the back office emails tools), all emails are sent through your personal or business email account. We use your smtp and login info to relay the pulled email list from our database (which is also your database of downline members) through your email ISP on a one per one basis. This one to one basis also helps to assure that your emails are not blocked as bulk mail spam to large email servers like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many many others. You will even see the emails show up in some cases in your sent mail folder. Again, this is only an optional tool if you wish to use it. All of your information is protected as outlined in our online privacy statements. Xooma also maintains an opt out lists for all distributors from their uplines should they decide they do not want to receive communication from an upline member (this does actually happen from time to time). Many reps use these tools very effectively to communicate with their groups.

The email tools are not mandatory and if you prefer you can always simply run one of our many back office reports to query your downline email addresses and manually enter or copy/paste them into your own email client. You can also use this same reporting for phone and mailing lists for your group.

Lastly, should you choose, there are many email autoresponder software solutions available. They average around $40.00 a month for an account. Due to the high rate at which these companies get blocked (for CAN SPAM violations) from major ISP's, Xooma does not endorse any particular company.

Order Questions

When can I expect to receive my first autoship?

If you started your Xooma business with a standard product, your first automatic monthly order will be shipped 30 days from the date of your first purchase, normally on the anniversary date of your sign up.

Can I pay for my order with an automatic check withdrawal?

At this time, Xooma Worldwide is able to accept starter pack orders using credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. However, monthly autoship orders can only be processed with credit or debit cards. Xooma earnings can also be set aside in an electronic wallet (in your member back office) to be used for purchases and autoships.

Can I upgrade my monthly order from $25.00 to $50.00 or $100.00?

Yes, you can always upgrade your monthly order by logging into your Xooma Worldwide back office at and selecting "Autoship" under "My Account" from the main menu.

You will be required to enter your credit card verification code in the billing section before you can save any changes. You may also call the Member Services Department to change your autoship order at any time prior to the scheduled autoship date.

How do I update / change my monthly auto ship order?

First log in at using your 6-digit PIN and your password.

Select "My Account" from the menu tabs across the top of the screen. Next select the box below the tab (Autoship) and make the necessary changes on that page.

** PLEASE NOTE: In order to change your AutoShip, you must add the item(s) you wish to add first and then delete the old item(s).
In order to change your AutoShip, you must add the item(s) you wish to add first and then delete the old item(s).

You will have to input your Credit Card Verification (CCV) code and click save (at the bottom of the page) to update any order changes.

If you missed an autoship order during the month, please check the date at the bottom of the Autoship screen to see when it is going process again automatically. If the date is too far for you to wait for the order and need product sooner, please click the shopping cart icon at the top or the Online Shopping link in the upper right to place your order manually.

You may also call the Member Services Department to make changes at 1-888-865-6687 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

** PLEASE NOTE: For cancellation of an autoship, please refer to your Membership Terms and Conditions which require you to notify Xooma Worldwide in writing (email or fax is ok) of your desire to cancel. The required documentation helps protect you from unauthorized cancellation or a mistaken termination of your membership.

How does an existing Xooma Worldwide member place an order through the back office?

First log into your account at using your 6-digit PIN and the password you provided.

In the upper right of the back office page there is a link "View My Cart/Shop Online." Click on that link to place your order. You can access a list of items and their corresponding item code.

You can also click on the Products (shopping cart) icon in the My Account section to view the product catalog. You can add items to your shopping cart from that section as well.

Where can I obtain a copy of my order invoice?

All invoices and their associated details can be found by logging into your back office at Select the tab for "My Account" in the menu bar across the main page of your back office.

From the boxes below that section, select "Order History." Simply enter the date range of the orders you are looking for. You will then see a list of all orders processed on your account for that period. Click on the invoice number to see the invoice information such as items, prices, and tax.

How do I skip an autoship?

Simply log into your Xooma back office at using your 6-digit PIN and password.

Select "Autoship" from the "My Account" section from the main menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will see the date of your last shipment and the next scheduled autoship date. You can change the next scheduled autoship date by following the format in the example above it.

Be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. Once accepted you will see a confirmation on your screen.

Please note that skipping an autoship does not automatically cancel the autoship order from your account. You are only able to skip your autoship for 30 days (which equals 60 days from your last posted order to the next scheduled order).

** PLEASE NOTE: Skipping an autoship does not automatically cancel the autoship order from your account. You are only able to skip your autoship for 30 days (which equals 60 days from your last posted order to the next scheduled order).

How do I track a shipment?

To track your orders, simply log into your Xooma back office at using your 6-digit PIN and your password.

Select Order History under "My Account." Click on the invoice number to view the order information. Click on the corresponding tracking number (if provided) to view the shipping progress and estimated delivery date.

If the tracking information is unavailable (Canadian and International shipments), please contact Member Services by phone (1-888-865-6687), email (, or fax (1-800-851-7546) to obtain additional information.

What information do I need to provide the Member Service Representative when requesting a reshipment?

When there is a need for a reshipment, please provide the Member Service Representative with your Pin Number, Invoice Number, Shipping Address and Packer Number (found on the invoice) as well as the reason for reshipment.

Is there a time limit on when someone can request a reship?

Members must request a reshipment within 90 days of the Invoice Date.

Is there a charge for a reshipment?

Members requesting a reshipment may be charged a shipping fee based on the weight and dimensions of the package. Please contact the Customer Service Department for more information.

Sales and Marketing Assistance

Does Xooma Worldwide have regularly scheduled conference calls?

Yes, we do. Our most current schedule is posted on our corporate Facebook page Events listing and is also available through our Official Xooma Mobile App. At this time, our regularly scheduled calls include:

The World's Largest Water Party (Hydration webinar) held Mondays and Thursdays at 8:00PM Eastern Time. Participants can join in via Zoom at or by phone at 1-646-558-8656 and enter PIN 369910772#. Alternatively, participants can join in via or by phone at 1-669-900-6833 and enter PIN 369910772#.

The Xooma Corporate Health Education Call featuring an esteemed member of Xooma's Scientific Advisory Board and other wellness industry experts is held on the FIRST and THIRD Thursdays of every month. To join the call, dial (605) 313-5169 then enter your participant access code: 544657#

Be sure to LIKE & Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up-to-date corporate events. 

Our Facebook:
Our Instagram:

How can I better use my replicating website and direct signups for Preferred Customers or Distributors?

Once you have your replicated site name you can do more then just link people to:

You can also send people to specific pages on the website. If you want to send people to the Product Information page it's just a simple change. The link would look like:

The big difference is you need to add the tilde (~) in front of your site name. That lets the system know you want to send your user to a specific page after they are tied to your site.

You can also link directly to the signup pages. To create a link for a new distributor use: To create a link for a new preferred customer use: If you'd like to let the user decide what type of customer they would like to be you can use: For more information on this topic, use the training manual for replicating site setup.

How do I get Xooma business cards?

Xooma has provided templates of the official Xooma business card designs in your distributor back office. They are available for you to download and use with any business card printing software you choose.

Xooma has also provided shortcuts to vendors that offer professional quality, low-priced business cards. These shortcuts can be found in your distributor back office under "Business" in the Training and Marketing Tools.

To order from these vendors, you may need to upload the template you choose from the back office. A helpful tip would be to first download the template to your desktop folder where you can easily find it before you visit the vendor's website.
The Rapid Rewards Pay Plan is explained in detail on our main website at: Opportunity Prosperity Plan

Where can I order more brochures or other Marketing Material?

Our product brochures are available for ordering directly thru your Member’s Portal. Click on the Shopping Cart link marked ‘Products’ to access your online product catalog. Select the Marketing Tools & Accessories icon to view the available brochures.

General Account Questions

How do I change my contact information in my Xooma account?

To change your contact information in your Xooma account, please log into your account at Select Profile in the My Accounts Section. To change the shipping addresss for your orders, you must also select Autoship and update your shipping information on that page. Once you are done editing your information, enter your credit card verification code (cvv) to save the change.

Why does my Xooma "backoffice" website say that I need to log back into my account?

The "back office" of your Xooma website will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you haven't "talked" to the webserver (been active on your site) in at least 20 minutes, it assumes you have gone away and frees your connection so that our website "speed" remains fast. As long as you visit a page or click on a link (within 20 minutes) you will send data to the webserver and it will know that you are still active on your website.

How long will it take for a new user's pin to be assigned?

All sign ups occur in real time.

When will my order be processed?

Most orders are processed before 2:00 pm eastern ship on the same day. Orders after 2:00 pm usually ship the following business day.

How can I help people get started from my own personal Xooma website?

Use the link below, replacing "mysitenamehere" with your replicating website name.

Can someone still enroll as a Member in Xooma for just the basic product purchase?

Yes. The Fast Start Packages are optional. If developing more immediate income in your business is important to you and the people you sponsor, use these Fast Start Packages as often as you can when enrolling new Members. A Fast Start Package is an easy one-time purchase that gives you the ability to earn substantial weekly commissions.

What are the corresponding autoships of New Member Initial Packages?

The corresponding autoships for all starter packages are found on the enrollment forms by clicking the link below the product description of the package you are selecting.


The page doesn't look right on my web browser?

The following browsers have been tested and are fully supported: Netscape 7.0+, IE 6.0+, Mozilla 1.1+, FireFox 1.0+. The following browsers are partially supported: AOL, IE5.0, IE5.5, Netscape 6, Konquor, Opera. The following browsers are NOT supported: Netscape 4 series or earlier, IE 4 series or earlier. Mac users will have best results with Mozilla, FireFox or Safari. Note to AOL users: AOL frequently caches website data in order to speed up your web browsing experience. However, this can cause your report figures to stop updating for days at a time. You should consider using another web browser while connected to AOL.

How do I retrieve my password?

Upon sign up, you will receive a welcome email containing your log in (username or ID) and the password. Please keep a copy of this email for your records and future reference.

If you cannot locate your log in instructions, you may use the FORGOT PASSWORD link located on the log in page. Our secure server will email the password to the email address that you provided us for your account.

Why is the TV on the Xooma Worldwide site not working on my computer?

Please visit and follow directions on your screen to update to Adobe Flash Player to view TV and other videos on the Xooma Worldwide website.

I need to change my email profile settings, but I get a default reply.

In most cases, this error means that the specified Host cannot be resolved. Make sure the Host is assigned a valid and existing host address. This error may also mean there is a problem with your Network and/or DNS.

(Please note: the email profile is used for setting up Xooma access to an existing email account to make it easier to send messages to your downline organization members only. It cannot be used to email other parties).

I logged into my Members Area but it defaults back to the log in screen. Why?

This usually occurs when the cookies from your previous log in session have not been removed from your computer. To correct this, simply delete the cookies from your web browser using the Internet Settings tools found on your browser.

If you are unable to locate this, please refer to the users guide for the web browser that you are using.

After clearing the cookies, simply refresh your browser and log in again.